Moneyline in Sports Arbitrage Betting

What is MoneyLine (ML)?

Moneyline is something that the USA bookmakers use and it won’t be really in use for sports arbitrage bettors, but it is good to know because you can hear it somewhere and could get confused. It is pretty much the same as 1, X, 2, but the Americans have their own way to write this.

moneyline sure betting sports

/ example 1 /

For example, they put the away team at the top of the list, after that the home team and at the end the result to be a draw.
In our case if Liverpool is home team and it’s playing against Real Madrid we will write it this way:

(1) Liverpool to win
(2)Real Madrid to win

In USA case instead of using (2) they will use MoneyLine1 (ML1) which is the same but with different way of typing and it will look this way:

ML1 Real Madrid
ML2 Liverpool
MLX Draw

You can see that in first place is the away team, followed by home team and at the end is a draw.

/ example 2 /

If Liverpool is home team and it is playing against Real Madrid the ML will look like this:

ML1 Real Madrid -105
ML2 Liverpool +275
MLX Draw +230

You don’t have to bet an amount equal to the ML number. You can bet more, or less, with the return to the chosen stake. Using the above example, you could bet €20 on Real Madrid at -105 and your potential profit is €19,05 i.e. (100/Negative Money Line odds)*stake which is (100/105)*20 = 19.05€.

At the end you will bet 20€ and will win 39,05€ - 20€ = 19.05 € profit.

There are more complicated examples for moneyline like handicaps, but we won’t go into it because it won’t be in use for sports arbitrage players and it is just enough to have an idea what it is.

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