need some advices

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the first thing to question is if i want to make secundary or more accounts what u should recommend to do in order to dont get banned?

second is - betsul - betwarrior
does anyone know if this sites that i said above have any clones? or are clones of any house? like kto is a clone of goldenpalace

i appreciate guys thx

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dont do that because you can get banned for spam, stick with one id 

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my advice is to not do that because you will get banned for sure, because of your IP address

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my advice is to not do that because you will get banned for sure, because of your IP address


you are right.




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I cannot recommend or condone any actions that may be against the terms and conditions of the betting websites. Creating multiple accounts or engaging in matched betting may be considered unethical or illegal by certain bookmakers, and it may lead to your account being suspended or terminated.


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