Asianconnect88 stole my money, any help and advice appreciated

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I have been reading a lot on this website for years, but as I have never felt a need to write anything, I have not made an account before recently.


I am involved in a dispute resolution process with the Curacao Gaming Board and Asianconnect and am seeking help and advise from the forum.


I have been a customer of Asianconnect88 for about 1.5 years. I have been betting with PS3838, which is a Pinnacle clone and a part of Asianconnect88. My deposits exceed 42 000 EUR and I have withdrawn some 20 000 EUR. As my current balance is 0, it means that I have made a net loss of 22 000 EUR.


Some weeks ago Asianconnect88 voided a winning bet without providing me any proper reason for why it was voided.


Asianconnect provided the following response during the conflict resolution:


"We asked for evidence from our upline PS3838 on how you commit manipulation as stated below.


They are working with other accounts in the system to manipulate our lines. They will push an early/weak line repeatedly, far beyond a reasonable number of bets on a match like this with one account. Then they will play the other side using other accounts at inflated odds"

The above is simply not true. I am not manipulating lines, I am not betting as part of a group. My average odds betting Komatz with Asianconnect is more or less identical to my average odds betting with other bookmakers. It is also rather similar to both Asianconnect's and bet365's opening odds. 


I know for a fact that their allegation that I bet some wildly inflated odds is a pure lie. My problem is just that I am not in a position to provide proof that I was not.


For me the process is completely backwards, it should not be on me to prove my innocence, but rather for Asianconnect to prove my guilt, still I am afraid that unless I can somehow prove that what they are claiming is pure lies, I will not have much of a chance with the gaming board.


This is obviously an insane long shot, but if anyone on this forum has access to the Pinnacle odds feed (API) and have stored the odds for this Biathlon race, I would be very grateful if you could provide it to me.



World Cup 


Men's Sprint


H2H Komatz Vs Runnalls

My betting account with Asianconnect/PS3838 remains open and I am welcome to keep placing bets with them. For me the fact that my account has not been closed shows that their allegations are not at all serious. If they really truly believed I am guilty of what they are charging me of, they would owe it to other stakeholders (customers, other betting companies etc) to close my account to make sure I would not keep on doing this.


Furthermore I think it should be obvious that if the allegations were true and I was working with others to bet inflated prices, I would not have a net loss of some 20 000 EUR. The fact that my payback percentage is likely less than 90%, should make it obvious that I have not been betting inflated prices.


Any advise regarding how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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