1xbet restricted account problem solution

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Hello, I found a solution for the bettors whose account is restricted on the 1xbet site and the bet rate drops when they log in. When your account is restricted on a betting site using 1xbet infrastructure, your account is restricted in all sites using 1xbet infrastructure. The site we will use is 1xbit. The login address is urlxyz.net/1xBit. Using 1xbet infrastructure, 1xbit site offers anonymous player accounts with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. You just sign up with your e-mail address and no extra information is required. Thus, you can continue to bet with high odds. I want to warn you about some issues. First of all, do not use the e-mail address you use on the site that uses 1xbet infrastructure. Do not enter sites using 1xbet infrastructure from the ip address you use in your 1xbit account. Change ip by turning your internet modem on and off. Another issue is that if you have used the application of a site that uses the 1xbet infrastructure on your mobile phone before, do not download and use the mobile application for the 1xbit site without resetting your mobile phone. Clear browser cookies and use from browser. I wish everyone good luck.

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